Will I have to go to court for my injury case?

While the goal is to settle your injury claim to avoid the time and expense of going to trial, there are several factors that may lead a case toward litigation.  Settlement discussions may break down if the insurance company thinks you are asking for too much compensation for your injury.  Disputes over liability, or who is at fault, for the injury may also lead to litigation. If the insurance company denies liability or thinks you or others contributed to your injuries, they may not be willing to settle the claim. Questions about the extent of your injuries may also complicate the settlement process.  If the insurance company does not believe you are actually injured or dispute the extent of your injuries, they may want to take the case to court and obtain more information through the formal discovery process.

Injury and accident cases can often be complicated and require the collection and processing of a large amount of information, including medical history, accident or police reports, employment records, and expert opinions.  Being well-prepared to negotiate with the insurance company early on will put you on the right the path to recovery. We are experienced injury attorneys who can help you navigate the complexities of your injury claim.  Please contact our office for a consultation to discuss your injury case today.

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