Can I receive compensation for more than my medical bills?

Yes, you may be able to recover more than direct medical expenses resulting from a personal injury. 

In a personal injury case, if you’ve suffered an injury or property damage you may seek compensation from whoever caused or contributed to those losses. The two basic categories of damages awarded in personal injury claims are compensatory and punitive.

Compensatory damages seek to reimburse an injured party for the harm they have suffered. 

The basic types of compensatory damages in a personal case are:

  1. Loss of income;
  2. Loss of future earning capacity;
  3. Recovery of medical expenses you incurred for treatment of your injuries and the possibility of future medical expenses;
  4. Pain and suffering; and
  5. Past and future loss of enjoyment.

In a limited number of cases, a plaintiff may also be able to recover punitive damages.  These damages are not related to the type of harm that has been suffered, but are awarded to punish the defendant for certain types of reprehensible behavior. 

Please contact us to discuss your injury case and what types of recovery may be available to you.

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